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Health and Safety Policy Statement

SafetyThe policy of Bear Environmental Services, Inc. (BEAR) is to provide a safe and healthful work environment for our employees, subcontractors, clients, and visitors. No single component of our operation is more important than the prevention of loss, injury and/or illness. Our primary focus is on the recognition of potential hazards, discussion and subsequent mitigation, reduction or elimination of these hazards, and prevention of losses, incidents, accidents and/or injuries. BEAR and its subcontractors will endeavor to take reasonable steps to reduce, manage, or eliminate these hazards in order to minimize the possibility of loss, accident, injury and/or illness.

BEAR is committed to safety and providing and healthful incident free workplace. Our commitment to providing a safe work environment to our employees and our clients includes adopting the Achieving Incident-Free Operations in Marketing (AIM), Loss Prevention System (LPS), and American Petroleum Institute (API) safety training systems and philosophies in our daily routines.  We currently perform LPOs (Loss Prevention Observations) and have LPOs performed on us by our peers and clients.

We utilize LPS tools such as Journey Management Plan (JMP), Job Loss/Safety Analysis (JLA and JSA) Loss Prevention Self Assessment (LPSA), Stop Work Authority, Safe Performance Self Assessment (SPSA) between changing task causing us to evaluate hazards before beginning by Assessing and Analyzing before Acting. Management endeavors to investigate losses, accidents and near misses with accident investigation techniques using Root Cause Analysis.

We believe safety is everyone’s responsibility, and have consequently adopted the Behavioral Based Safety (BBS) philosophy into our work and home lives, hoping to create a more healthful and safe environment for our employees, subcontractors and clients.

BEAR practices “safety stewardship” by implementing the safest and best available work practices as our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Each and every employee has full Stop Work Authority, and is encouraged to exercise this right if he/she believes there is any question about the integrity of what we are doing. We believe in the effectiveness of this concept and commitment to safety so much that Stop Work Authority is granted without repercussion to any employee, client, or subcontractor who feels the work environment is unsafe on any project.


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