Bear Environmental Services Direct Push Technology Specialist

Geoprobe 6620DT

Geoprobe 6620DTThe Geoprobe 6620DT is a state of the art direct push machine mounted onto a rubber track unit, and features an over 20-ton pulling capacity for today's larger sampling tools and deeper depths. Its wide tracks and a heavy duty undercarriage allow it to work via remote control on all terrains, including concrete, pavement, deep in the woods, through uneven terrain or even through a stream.

This unit is recommended for use in loose to medium sands and soils, for the collection of discreet soil samples with little surface disturbance, and installation of 2" diameter wells to up to 198 feet (as soil conditions warrant), while still allowing a nice seal and sand pack.

Geoprobe built and designed attachments allow for in-situ soil gas and groundwater sampling. An attached Geoprobe chemical injection pump allows for the advancement of soil borings followed by on the spot chemical injection - no need to set a series of wells.

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